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Frequently asked questions

Whilst browsing through the many Beach Bride resorts and planners you may spot certain listings promote cashback or a voucher offer. This is just our way of saying thank you for using us and booking your wedding! To claim your reward simply complete the claims form with details of your booking and we'll do the rest. Then just sit back and plan what you're going to spend your money on!
If you have a specific date in mind, try and secure your wedding date with the resort as soon as possible. If you’re more flexible, you may be able to leave it more short notice. For wedding venues in England it is advised to book at least 2 years in advance, however for a lot of destination resort weddings you don’t have to wait as long – a year in advance is usually more than sufficient. Just remember that you’ll need to make sure that there are still flights and accommodation available for your chosen date.
In addition to wedding resorts, we also have independent wedding planners listed on the Beach Bride directory. These wedding planning companies are experienced in coordinating weddings outside of resorts. These independent planners arrange weddings at many different venues such as chapels, gardens, villas, and tavernas – to name but a few. You’re best having a look at some of the independent wedding planners in the country you’re interested in, and viewing the ceremony and reception venues they work with.
Even if you are staying at a resort, to be able to use the resort wedding planner you will usually have to have at least your wedding reception at the resort. Some resorts do allow you to have your wedding ceremony outside the resort at locations such as local chapels etc. but they usually need to be a venue already known to the resort. It’s worth checking with the resort which external ceremony venues they already have existing relationships with. If this isn’t an option, you’d be best having a look at some of the independent wedding planners in the area and they can help you arrange your wedding outside of the resort.
Each resort has different requirements so it’s definitely worth asking the question to the resort directly. The price of some resort weddings are significantly reduced or sometimes even free, but this is dependent on you having a certain number of guests booking to stay at the resort. However this isn’t always the case so please check if this is something you’re worried about.
That's brilliant news! Simply contact the resort's wedding coordinator directly using the contact details provided on the resort page that you're interested in, and they’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision and help you arrange your destination wedding.
Beach Bride is a website that provide couples with information and inspiration on destination weddings at resorts. Our team at Beach Bride does not assist in planning weddings or booking accommodation. All resorts listed on Beach Bride offer in-resort wedding coordinators to help plan your big day, so all you need to do is get in touch with each resort you're interested in directly (using the contact details provided on the resort page) and they will help you with everything you need to get planning.
Beach Bride has hand selected some of the best luxury resorts from around the world to be listed on the Beach Bride directory. We keep our numbers small so as not to overwhelm you with too many options. There are of course lots more resorts out there that do weddings but they may not necessarily be of the same high standard as those listed on the Beach Bride directory.
For all wedding costs and enquiries please contact the resorts directly as they will be able to provide the most accurate quotations for your specific requirements. Please use the contact details provided on the resort page to request options and pricing directly from their wedding coordinator.
No, Beach Bride is a free site designed to provide you with all the destination wedding information you could possibly need and in some cases actually gives you cash back for using us! All our resorts have been hand selected for their perfect wedding locations and in house wedding planners to help make planning your wedding abroad a little easier.
Absolutely not. All the resorts listed on Beach Bride have beach front locations however most resorts tend to offer a selection of wedding ceremony and reception locations for you to choose from.
Each resort has provided a sample wedding package to give a taster of the packages they offer. The majority of resorts have a few wedding packages and options to choose from. To see all wedding packages for a resort, please contact the resort's wedding coordinator directly to request these. Simply email the wedding coordinator using the contact details provided on the beachbride.co.uk resort page. As well as providing you with full wedding package information, the wedding coordinator will be able to provide you with any additional information and prices for specific requirements you might have.
Wedding venues listed on Beach Bride are independent of each other. Therefore if you want to cancel your booking at a resort you need to contact the resort directly to let them know before making a booking at another resort. But please be aware that you may lose your deposit or any other payments you’ve already made.
Resort wedding planners are very busy people and are often away from their desks making sure that everyone's weddings are planned to perfection - so please try to be patient. They will get back to you as soon as they can. But if it's been over a week there's a chance your email may have been missed, so please try emailing again.
Whilst every resort operates differently, there’s a good chance that you will be required to stay at the resort you have booked your wedding at. If you don’t wish to stay at the resort, please check with the resort directly before making your wedding booking.