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Your wedding guest list – choosing quality over quantity

Creating a wedding guest list has got to be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding – and we all know why. How do you get away with writing down just the names of the people that you really love and want there at your special day, and not the people who you’re not that bothered about (but will undoubtedly kick off if they’re not invited)? You put a little water between you both, that’s how.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

It might sound obvious, but the truth is that the further you travel for your wedding, the fewer guests you’re going to have – whether you invite them or not. Everyone is up for a party when it’s down the road, but if they’re asked to take a week off work and pay for a holiday, they find it easier to decline your invitation and wish you well. Don’t panic, I’m not telling you that you’re not going to have any guests if you take your wedding abroad. I’m telling you that you’ll have the guests that you want if you take your wedding abroad!

Put yourself in their shoes (or flip flops)

Think of it this way. If your second cousin who you have absolutely nothing in common with sends you an invite to their wedding in Thailand, would you go? The answer is probably no, because although you wish them to have a happy wedding, you’re not particularly bothered about seeing it! Sure you’d love to go to Thailand, but you were planning on splashing your savings on a holiday to Mexico next year, and you’d rather stick to that plan. Well if that’s how you feel about your cousin, then the truth is – that’s probably how they feel about you too.

Now think of this second scenario. One of your best friends who you’ve known since you met in chemistry class in high school, who has been by your side through every bad boyfriend… invites you to her wedding in Thailand next year. You were planning to Mexico next year, but this is the most important day of one of your best friends life… Mexico can wait, of course you’ll be there! Well that’s how she’ll probably feel about you, and she’ll find a way to be there.

Honesty’s the best policy

Of course, there’s a risk in inviting people to your wedding that you don’t really want there but you don’t want to offend by not inviting them. There is a chance that they might just jump at the opportunity to go on holiday and get their flights booked! So if you’re not willing to take that risk then it’s easy enough (and inoffensive enough) to make it public knowledge that you’re planning to have a small, intimate wedding abroad with only your closest family and friends. Once people know what your plans are they won’t expect an invite, instead they’ll tend to respect your decision to keep the wedding private and look forward to snooping at your photos on Facebook!

What a good idea!

So does a wedding abroad sound like a good way of getting the guest list you want? Now all you need to do is find your venue! Browse the world’s most incredible wedding venues on the Beach Bride wedding directory for luxury resorts worldwide. You’ll soon realise that getting married abroad is far easier than you thought!

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