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It’s your wedding day, do it your way!

It’s often easy to lose sight of your dream wedding when you’ve constantly got other people butting in with their opinions. It’s the weirdest thing. A wedding is such a personal event, yet anyone and everyone seems to think it’s okay to piddle all over your ideas and present their own as the the best ideas since dry shampoo! After a while it’s hard not to be influenced and before you know it, you have a wedding that doesn’t resemble your scrapbook at all. A wedding that you may as well have left to your fiancé to organise in 2 weeks on ‘Don’t tell the bride!’ You’d also be £12,000 richer. That’s depressing.

It’s all about you (…and him)

The first step to getting the wedding you really want, is making peace with the idea that it’s perfectly okay to make “selfish” decisions. Let’s remind ourselves why there’s going to be a wedding shall we?

Reason One:

After years of dating douche-bags, you’ve finally found a decent guy (that deserves a party in itself right!?). And not only is he smart, funny and kind… but you fancy the pants off him! He’s clearly the only good looking nice guy left, so you need to bag him before anyone else does.

Reason Two:

He doesn’t just make you happy, he lets you know how happy you make him. Finally you know what it feels like to be in a secure relationship, and not have to compete for his attention with every boob that bounces on by!

Reason Three:

You’re in love! And it’s the real deal! Not that dodgy fake love you were conned by before (unless you were smart enough to steer clear). This is genuine true love. Where all you strive for is to fulfil each other’s dreams – and want nothing more than to dedicate your lives to doing so!

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? This getting married malarkey is a pretty huge seriously gigantic deal for you isn’t it! So indulging in your own fantasies for this one day couldn’t be more justified!

How to say no… without saying no

Step two of achieving your dream wedding, is learning to speak out when you don’t want to include something – or someone – in your wedding.

Okay so it’s easy enough to say no to your sister who keeps pushing the idea of putting all the bridesmaids in head to toe sequins (…she’s clearly up to her usual tricks, planning to out-sparkle the bride). But it’s not so easy to say no to your dear old Dad who’s trying to get his best buds from the golf club on the guest list. Especially when he’s paying for most of the wedding! Awkward… You don’t want to upset your Dad, but your fiancé is nervous enough about doing his speech in front of friends and family, never mind strangers he’s never met before!

So how do you develop a thick skin overnight and stop people who you’re not close with ruining your special day? You make sure your wedding isn’t that easy to get to…that’s how! A trip to the airport and a flight to Mexico should do the trick nicely! Announcing you’re having a destination wedding instantly gives you you a ‘get out of jail free card’ for those inevitable awkward conversations. Once your Dad’s friends hear that you’re having an intimate wedding abroad, they won’t expect an invite.

Your wedding planner has your back

Another bonus of having a destination resort wedding is that you’ll have a wedding planner on hand to save the day whenever someone makes a ridiculous suggestion. No, not to arrange it for you… but to blame for not “managing” to sort it!

“Darling did you organise the 50 doves for the ceremony?”

“Oh no, sadly the hotel wedding planner said it’s not possible… something to do with bird germs in the area… gutted”

“What a shame, oh well it was worth looking into.”

…It never got looked into!

Discover paradise

Like the sound of having a wedding your way? All of the destination wedding resorts in our Beach Bride Directory have in-resort wedding planners who are incredibly good at listening, and will help you arrange the wedding you want (with or without 50 doves). Before you know it, you’ll have the wedding from your scrapbook… with the addition of a few colourful pages torn out of a holiday brochure!

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