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The price of being a wedding guest!

If we told you that with the money you spent on attending someone else’s wedding – you could go on 5* all inclusive holiday – would you believe us?

Having a wedding isn’t just super expensive for the couple getting married, it’s sneakily costly for guests too. And if you’re privileged enough to be invited to the hen do aswell… then quite frankly, you’re screwed!

It costs how much?!

£733 is the current price of friendship! Yes that’s right, seven hundred and thirty three whole pounds is today’s average for one guest who attends both a hen do and a wedding.  So if you’re going to the wedding as a couple and your man is heading to the stag-do aswell, then between you, you’ll have spent on average a ridiculous £1,546 by the time you return home from the wedding with a sore head – and a sore bank balance!

And if you’ve got a few weddings to attend in one year, then oh my goodness me! Suddenly being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! So what the heck are we spending all that money on?

The hen “party” palava

Let’s start with the main culprit – the hen party! Which isn’t a “party” anymore is it? It’s considered a poor do if it isn’t at least a weekend away or few days abroad somewhere like Ibiza or Marbella. So you can see why Banana Moon’s recent research into hen and stag parties came up with a whopping average spend of £507 per person!

Yeah a hen party is a great excuse to get away with your besties and laugh about willies (…’cos that’s all we talk about obvs!). So we find ourselves justifying the hefty spend by saying “it’s a special occasion, it doesn’t happen often!” But the thing is… it does happen often! Everyone’s getting married all the bloomin’ time!

But hey ho, we go to the hen regardless of whether we can really afford to. Saying “no” to the bride is not worth the aggro (…or the FOMO for that matter!). And we certainly don’t want to volunteer our names to go on the ‘to bitch about’ list at the hen do we?!

The wedding day is paid for though right?

Wrong! Although couples getting married spend a fortune treating their guests to expensive three course meals, wine and bubbly… attending a wedding is anything but a free party! Recent research from M&S Bank has revealed that on average each guest pay £266 for the privilege of being a guest at a wedding in England. This figure includes the cost of travel, accommodation, clothing, a wedding present and drinks at the reception. This is only for one person, we don’t dare work out what it costs a whole family to attend!

Acknowledging how much we spend being a wedding guest really does put the pressure on to enjoy the wedding doesn’t it!? Perhaps this is why we find ourselves being so critical about the weddings we attend? When we cough up so much of our hard earned cash, we feel well within our right to be pissed off if we get given skimpy portions at dinner! We’re looking for value for money that rarely delivers. So no wonder wedding couples get stressed out trying to plan a day that pleases everyone.

So what about a wedding abroad?

If you’re thinking of getting married abroad you’ll have already started to feel guilty about asking guests to spend on flights and accommodation to be there for your wedding in the sun. It’s a big ask (…that everyone will constantly remind you of). But when you look at the figures of how much it costs to join in on the festivities of a wedding taking place in England, then in comparison you start to realise that you’re not actually asking that much after all.

Of course it depends where you choose to have your wedding abroad. If you go for a venue in far flung places like Thailand or Mexico, then we can’t deny that flights can get very pricey for guests. But if you were getting married somewhere in Europe like Greece for example, and also chose to have your hen/stag parties while out there too, then the costs to your guests begin to look very similar to attending weddings in the UK. If people are used to spending around £733 per person, then really they shouldn’t bat an eyelid at spending a similar amount on going abroad for your wedding. It may even work out cheaper. And let’s not forget… they’ll actually get a holiday out of it too.

So you can’t help but wonder – does getting married abroad actually work out better value for money for your guests? There are too many variables to really work this out, but one thing we can be certain about though is that your guests will definitely get more sunshine for their money!

If you’re considering getting married abroad but haven’t yet found your venue, browse our Beach Bride directory of luxury resorts for a little inspiration and information!

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