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What can you expect from a resort wedding abroad?

Getting married abroad has a reputation for being difficult for many different reasons. Which it can be if you don’t have a wedding planner. One of the easiest ways to marry abroad is to get married at a resort that has an experienced in-house wedding planner making all the arrangements for you. 

Stress free sunshine wedding

If you’re looking for minimal stress planning your wedding, then having your wedding abroad at a resort is the way to go. How hassle free it truly is – is one of the best kept secrets in the wedding industry! For some reason we’ve been led to believe that planning your wedding absolutely has to be stressful, and if it isn’t, then you’re not doing it properly! This is a right load of codswallop!

You’re one of the savvy ones if you’re considering having a destination wedding at a resort! You’ll soon discover that the whole process is ridiculously easy. So much so, you’ll find yourself thinking there must be something huge you’ve missed because it almost feels too easy. Let us banish those fleeting moments of angst – it’s true – you really can have the wedding of the year without turning into bridezilla!

Your personal wedding coordinator

So what makes getting married at a resort such a pleasurable experience? Having your very own guardian angel of course! Resorts that host weddings have wedding coordinators (sometimes referred to as the exotic sounding “Romance Managers”), and these celestial beings protect you from harm’s way throughout the whole process. Or as we like to put it, save you from yourself!

Select your wedding package

When you first contact a resort, their wedding coordinator will send you their wedding package options to peruse. These set-packages are a starting point, telling you how much your wedding abroad will cost with all the main elements included. This document also informs you what’s considered to be an “extra,” and prices per head for the reception – giving you a good idea if the resort is within your budget. 

Your ceremony and reception

Having your destination wedding at a beach resort doesn’t mean you have to exchange vows on the sand and have a BBQ. The beauty of resort weddings abroad is that they tend to have lots of different venue locations – the bigger the resort, the more there is to choose from. From little white chapels, to private rooftop verandas overlooking the bay.

Customising your wedding

No you don’t have to cram your suitcase with decorations, you’ve got enough to worry about transporting The Dress! Simply tell or show your wedding coordinator what you’d like and they’ll do their best to source everything for you. Some resorts even provide a lot of the decorations free of charge because they already have a storeroom full of them! 

Communicating with your wedding resort

Each resort and wedding coordinator will of course have their own way of working with you to arrange your wedding. But they’ll all be happy to communicate via email, phone and Skype. Some even encourage you to share Pinterest boards with them so they can visually see what look and feel you’d like to achieve. All quality, luxury resorts all have the same mission… to give you the wedding of your dreams! So if you have any specific requirements that you’re unsure whether a resort will entertain for your wedding, just get in touch with them and ask. You’ll be surprised just how accommodating and helpful they are.

The key is to make sure you start by selecting a quality resort. The Beach Bride Directory of luxury wedding resorts displays only quality wedding resorts, and allows you to browse at your leisure. So get comfy, it’s time to for you to start planning! And if you have any questions about any of the wedding venues, simply get in touch with the wedding planner for that resort directly using the provided contact details on our directory page.

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