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The pro’s & con’s of getting married abroad

If you’re dabbling with the idea of getting married abroad, but don’t know what’s for the best… Then it’s time to have a look at the pros and cons:

Let’s talk money!

We love a bargain! And getting married abroad is the biggest, juiciest bargain we’ve come across yet! It’s quite ridiculous just how much cheaper it is to tie the knot abroad than it is to have your wedding in England! We’re talking less than half the price! And that’s not just for the wedding, that includes your flights and holiday as well. Think of the incredible designer wedding heels you could justify to your fiancé if you were able to say you saved £10k on the venue!  

Come rain or shine

Mr Sunshine is a bad boyfriend to England, and is without a doubt more faithful to other countries! He continually stands us up and makes us miserable with his lack of attention! But just when we’re ready to sack him off and move abroad, he teases us with a glorious freak heat wave that makes us think he’s not so bad afterall! But does he turn up when we’ve got a big family BBQ planned? Does he heck!

Your wedding day really isn’t the day to be betting on the British weather when there’s such poor odds! Sunshine will be missing in action and rain will undoubtedly come up trumps! So minimise the chances of looking like a soggy poodle in your wedding pics and go where you know the weather won’t mess you around! And where you can get a natural tan that won’t stain your expensive white dress!

Shrinking that ghastly guest list

We’ll let you decide whether this is a pro or a con based on how annoying your extended family is, but the cold truth is that you will have less guests if you choose to have your wedding abroad. If you’re dreaming of a big wedding with all your ex’s watching you walk down the aisle with regret on their faces, and all your old “friends” from school eyeing up your handsome hubby-to-be with envy – then maybe a destination wedding isn’t best suited to you. But if you’re happy to cut down the guest list because all you care about is marrying the one you love – in front of the people you love – then keep reading!

The value of venues

Before you start looking at wedding venues abroad, please do yourself a favour and price up your favourite wedding venue in England first. Only then will you appreciate what you can get for your money abroad. We’re not just harping on about money saving again, we’re referring to the far better quality of wedding you’ll receive if you leave British soil. Better venue, better food, better drinks, better service… better value! When you’ve done your comparison, you’ll find it hard not to be mad and slightly bitter towards England (join the club!). When it comes to weddings, our home land certainly lives up to it’s title of “Rip-off Britain.”

Let’s make some comparisons. The most recent destination wedding reception we attended took place in a fancy a la carte restaurant with stunning ocean views in Rhodes, Greece. There we had the most delicious six-course meal made with top quality ingredients, and all of the guests were indulged with bottomless top shelf cocktails all night. In comparison, a few months prior to the Rhodes wedding, we attended a manor house wedding in Suffolk which was thrice the price for three less courses! For starters we ware served a hollowed out bread roll doing a terrible impersonation of a ‘tart’, we struggled to swallow the dry chicken main course because we couldn’t flag down a waiter to get hold of the precious gravy, and we spent a fortune on wine because the two glass limit at the table didn’t get us very far in livening up the dreary decor!

Your personal wedding planner

Of course wedding planning seems easier when you can bob down to your venue whenever you want to make the terribly important decisions on where you’re going to hang your buntin. It’s nice to get hung up on (see what we did there!?) the pretty little details, but wouldn’t it be nicer to have a wedding planner to do the boring stuff you can’t be bothered with? Before destination weddings became our obsession, the only wedding planner we’d ever heard of was Franck in the film ‘Father of the Bride’- who did a fantastic job of stressing out Steve Martin with his pronunciation of ‘Cake’ and the whopping price tags of everything!

Wedding planners are an expensive luxury in England, but abroad it’s the done thing! Resort weddings tend to include planners for free! And free ‘aint too shabby for us!

Guests get stressed too you know

How many times have found yourself stuck on the motorway snapping at your partner because yet again you’re running late for another Saturday wedding? You end up arriving highly strung because you had a horrendous week at work and you spent your Friday night ironing your dress after someone forgot to take it to the dry cleaners! This stress is the same for most wedding guests!

Being a guest at a wedding abroad is a totally different, revitalising experience. Guests fly in a few days ahead of the wedding, get themselves settled into the hotel, take off their pants and properly unwind sampling cocktails one after another. By the time the wedding day comes around, everyone is super chilled and comfortable with each other. And if your guests are happy, you’ll be happy!

So it’s just pro’s then?

Are you wondering what’s happened to the cons for having a wedding abroad? We did actually fully intend this post to have more of a balanced argument… however we just can’t fight for something we don’t believe in. Weddings abroad win hands down! So see for yourself by taking a peek at the Beach Bride Directory for luxury wedding resorts.

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