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What’s included in a resort wedding package?

When you’ve found a resort that takes your fancy for your wedding abroad, step 1 is to take a look at their wedding package options. Resorts usually offer 3-6 wedding packages which tend to start with a budget option based around the ceremony itself, which is sometimes even FREE depending on the resort and how many rooms you book (free packages are most commonly available in the Caribbean and Mexico). As you work your way up the package options, you’ll notice more elements are included such as transport, flowers, photography, bridal hair & make-up, pampering etc.

The legalities getting married abroad

Most crucially, all wedding packages tend to include the complicated legal malarkey involved in the marriage itself (yawn!). This includes the hiring of the registrar, preparation of legal documentation and of course the all-important translations of those documents. These legalities are both the most boring and the most crucial part of planning your wedding (that you couldn’t be without if you want your wedding to be legit)! Marriage legalities differ from country to country, so you ideally want someone organising everything for you that knows  the requirements for that country. Which is why it’s an absolute life saver having an experienced wedding coordinator at the resort making sure everything is done by the book.

Personalising your wedding package

Choosing a wedding package doesn’t mean that you can’t personalise your wedding – it’s simply a starting point. If there’s anything you want to custom your destination wedding with that isn’t included in one of the wedding packages on offer, you can request ‘extras’ and your wedding coordinator will do their best to arrange them for you. This is one of the other huge perks of dealing with a resort and having your own wedding coordinator! They will do all the communication with suppliers such as photographers, florists etc, so you don’t have to. And believe me, if you can’t speak the language you do not want that difficult call with a florist trying to explain which shade of pink orchids you need to match your bridesmaid dresses! The wedding coordinator will also only use trusted suppliers that they’ve worked with before, this way you’re not taking big risks with unknown, unpredictable suppliers which could let you down. 

What about the wedding reception?

Destination wedding packages don’t tend to include wedding receptions as standard, because requirements are often too varied to bundle up into one offering. Your wedding coordinator will give you a list of options and prices per head for all kinds of reception venues, menus, and drinks lists. If you’ve been researching weddings in England, these costs-per-head will be an absolute delight in comparison!

Where do I find wedding packages?

Wedding packages vary from resort to resort, so the best place to start is by compiling a short list of your favourite hotels. You can browse beautiful venues on the Beach Bride wedding directory. Then the best thing to do is contact the wedding coordinator at each resort directly, using the contact details provided on the resort’s page. Each wedding coordinator will provide you with all the information you need to be able to start making comparisons and see which offerings seem to meet your requirements (and budget) the most. One thing to look out for early on is what the terms of the wedding packages are. What we mean by this, is that some resorts offer wedding packages for next to nothing, or sometimes even for free. But these resorts usually state that you need to ensure that a certain percentage (70-90%) of your wedding party must stay at the same resort for a minimum number of nights. So if you’re not planning on holidaying with your whole wedding party, you might want to avoid resorts with this clause. However, it can certainly work in your favour budget wise if you are looking to enjoy a full wedding holiday spending quality time with all your loved ones. So the best thing for you to do now is to start making your short list!

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