What’s included in a resort wedding package?

When you’ve found a resort that takes your fancy for your wedding abroad, step 1 is to take a look at their wedding package options. Resorts usually offer 3-6 wedding packages which tend to start with a budget option based around the ceremony itself, which is sometimes even FREE depending on the resort and how many rooms you book (free packages are most commonly available in the Caribbean and [...]

Your wedding guest list – choosing quality over quantity

Creating a wedding guest list has got to be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding - and we all know why. How do you get away with writing down just the names of the people that you really love and want there at your special day, and not the people who you’re not that bothered about (but will undoubtedly kick off if they’re not invited)? You [...]

What can you expect from a resort wedding abroad?

Getting married abroad has a reputation for being difficult for many different reasons. Which it can be if you don't have a wedding planner. One of the easiest ways to marry abroad is to get married at a resort that has an experienced in-house wedding planner making all the arrangements for you.  Stress free sunshine wedding If you’re looking for minimal stress planning your wedding, then having your wedding abroad at [...]

It’s your wedding day, do it your way!

It’s often easy to lose sight of your dream wedding when you’ve constantly got other people butting in with their opinions. It’s the weirdest thing. A wedding is such a personal event, yet anyone and everyone seems to think it’s okay to piddle all over your ideas and present their own as the the best ideas since dry shampoo! After a while it’s hard not to be influenced and [...]

The price of being a wedding guest!

If we told you that with the money you spent on attending someone else's wedding - you could go on 5* all inclusive holiday - would you believe us? Having a wedding isn’t just super expensive for the couple getting married, it’s sneakily costly for guests too. And if you’re privileged enough to be invited to the hen do aswell… then quite frankly, you’re screwed! It costs how much?! £733 is the [...]

The pro’s & con’s of getting married abroad

If you’re dabbling with the idea of getting married abroad, but don't know what’s for the best… Then it’s time to have a look at the pros and cons: Let’s talk money! We love a bargain! And getting married abroad is the biggest, juiciest bargain we’ve come across yet! It’s quite ridiculous just how much cheaper it is to tie the knot abroad than it is to have your wedding in [...]